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Stereochemistry, article about stereochemistry by The

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Define, stereochemistry

Joseph-Achille Le Bel polarized light helped to advance stereochemistry.A Fischer projection is a simplified way to show the stereochemistry around a stereocenter.5 Doctors used it to treat morning sickness in pregnant women.

  • assigning allene stereochemistry

    Assigning allene stereochemistry

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  • assign stereochemistry

    Assign stereochemistry

    the -CH3 group is higher priority. However, the drawing with a dashed line wedge, does depict stereochemistry: the C and groups # 1 2 are in the plane of

  • assigning stereochemistry

    Assigning stereochemistry

    Practice Part 8, find the relationship between each molecule pair. Hint: Need a review on naming? That concludes that while testosterone has 1 enantiomer, it has 126 diastereomers

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