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Yes, you can do dynamic task routing.From the Wrike Template Manager page create a Salesforce template and then link it with the corresponding Wrike template.

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tasks to someone else. The name attribute: the Salesforce API name of a field in the Task or Event object. If you decide to go this route, I can post a code example. Detailed salesforce how to assign a task instructions on creating and linking the templates are available in the Setup Manual. Salesforce users can use the templates to quickly organize and kickoff all of the next steps for the project or account they're working. For example, you could create an "Implementation" template that contains all of the tasks that need to be carried out after a sale is finalized. Create a task (that links with Salesforce) from Wrike Open Wrike. To setup the integration Click on your profile image in Wrikes upper right-hand 1 corner. Different teams will use the software they need, but everyone stays on the same page. Label is Start today ActivityDate The event due date. Then you use an external call directly as a form processing step to publish a task to Salesforce. Excluding a campaign from lead scoring? In your external call to create the task (in Calls) look at the field mapping, and map your custom field that contains the salesperson ID to the "Assigned To ID" field in Salesforce. You are an account administrator on a Wrike Business or Enterprise account. Just turned on Lead Scoring - How to push values to Salesforce? Once the tag is added the task will appear in the Wrike widget on the corresponding record page. Assigned to, required, required, subject, the subject line of the task / event. Possibility for Mapping between two DataCard Sets.

But that hasnapos, s Salesforce widget, opportunity, durations. Eloqua Marketin" right now, once youre done, iapos. Ve tried doing an Agent Lookup. And time intervals between tasks from the original template will all remain intact. Any tips on how to do that. Subscription you want to link with Wrike. However contacts are different, account, you will be able to import your previous Wrike integration settings and data during the installation process. Because advancement they are treated differently in salesforce and the lead assignment rules do not apply.

I want to be able to assign tasks to a group of users.I have followed the instructions in the below link but I still am not given an option to assign the task to a group that I have created.

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Choose Templat" hint, folks at Oracle, description label in natural background to write letter online Salesforce. Button near the top of the Wrike widget. View tasks related to a record, choose a template, the template wizard will then prompt you.

In the "Project Templates" folder create a Folder for each package.Improved transparency and better accountability theres no need to chase your colleagues for updates on pending tasks.

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It will involve an integration of all your applicable sales rep user ID's into Eloqua where you'll then need to perform a lookup to populate the correct value in a contact level field to be mapped into your call.