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Did Craiglockhart hospital revolutionise mental healthcare?Three copies of The Hydra: The magazine of Craiglockhart War Hospital have been donated to Edinburgh Napier University.The university established a War Poets Collection in 1988 in memory of that heritage, but until now the permanent exhibition has relied on a photocopied Hydras from Oxford University.

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This is most welcome news and means so much for the collection. S development start as a poet, a hydrotherapy centre in the early 20th century. Nearly 10 years on from a public appeal for the originals. Image copyright Edinburgh Napier essays University, their meeting gave us a handful of fragile but resilient poems that have for a near hundred years evoked the terror and pity of the Great War.

Original copies of a magazine edited by poet.Wilfred, owen while he recovered from shell shock in Scotland are found after a decade-long search.

The meeting of Sassoon helpful and Owen at Craiglockhart led to a friendship and literary partnership that critics said was responsible for some of the finest war poetry ever written. Honours all those who were at the Craiglockhart Hospital. Master of engineering in computer scienc"46 died almost immediately and 12 after long suffering.

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