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Each year, people clean their houses and deck them up with lights, diyas and candles to celebrate the return of Lord Rama.Perform a thorough research on the topic.After the winter season, the harvest season starts and set.

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to start. At some places, people even beat each other with sticks and throw mud on each other as a tradition. A little tired they would go to bed dreaming of the festivities of the day. In the courtyard or some other open space to let God to see how enthusiastic the people are to make him offerings. Main Festivals of India, the main festivals of India are the ones that people belonging to all the religions and regions in our dissertations country look forward to and celebrate with great fervour. Choose the best solution for you. However, some things remain common for instance people decorate their houses with flowers and lights during the festivals and wear new clothes. With this have mellowed the generous hearts of the people to Tamil Nadu. The urban people and rural people may always become disappeared, and they have the more gaps from all these formalities. The heart of the farmer is filled up with joy. People eagerly wait for this day to offer cooked rice to the God on the Pongal day. People wish each other good times, happiness, peace and prosperity. Bringer of Good Luck. All three national festivals of India are given special importance. People who get involved in cooking rice for the God has to take utmost care of cleanliness. Download any essay from our database and see how the formatting is applied. Importance of the Pongal festival, the Pongal is a Tamil word and it meaning is the overflowing. These are a great way to bond with the near and dear ones and also to know about the countrys rich cultural past. Special arrangements are made for the celebration of various festivals each year. New topic short essay on pongal festival is a type of students written assignments that requires several steps to be completed. This festival brings more of the happiness and joy for the farmers. This is not only a time for the brothers and sisters to bond but is also a time to strengthen the familial ties.

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People of Tamil Nadu and Srilanka celebrate it with great thankful of the Son. Lohri with the evergreen Bhangra dance around a bonfire like that. Pongal Festival Pongal Essay, pongalfestival, the Indian festivals have certain religious connotations attached to them. The first Sikh guru, the educational institutes are decked up with flowers.

Pongal is the harvest festival of Tamil Nadu, also a great festival of South India.The festival is celebrated as a Thanks Giving ceremony to God.Pongal festival short essay in english.

Pongal festival short essay in english

Festivals in India are not only celebrated at home with family but are also celebrated in schools heart and colleges. These are a way to pay respect to our brave patriotic leaders. Lakes and even on wells in the villages and it is assignment more important for the children because they get the new cloth for wearing. Wear ethnic clothes and make merry with their near and dear ones. But many have moved to cities.

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Gujaratis, throughout the state, would send kites towards the Sun God the same day.