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Thesis repositories. Essay on if i could fly like a bird

Posted on Aug 18, 2018 by in essay, like, fly, bird

addition, I will visit the White House and see its splendor or be higher than the highest mountain,. If I Had Wings I Will Triumph Over all Setbacks and

Challenges. And Id keep waving. If I could fly, I would join the seagulls hovering around one of those little old ladies on the boardwalk, vying for the pieces of stale bread she tosses out. But as a bird, it like could be my sweet will to fly easily to any place I liked. My nest would give shelter to me and my brethren. Once I had a decent crowd outside, I would toss buckets could of lollipops to them. A free bird I would have been, without any burden of thought or tension like that of the human beings. After catching the deserted guy up on recent current events, Id toss the final nubbin of crust in the ocean, mutter something about carbs, then fly away. Here, at home, I would be served food in a platter, water in a dish in a right royal style. Though I would love all this, at the same time I would love to become a pet in a nice family. Here, in the family I would learn to be controlled and restricted.

I would build like a nest high up in the trees with the eagles. Id make a cardboard spaceship and fly around Roswell. If I could fly, i would pass my life, i would thus also get an insight into all this. I would travel above rivers, i would be a loved one of many what a wonderful feeling it gives.


Being a butterfly, I wish, i could also enjoy all.Essay on, if, i were.

I would like my life to be a beautiful blend of freedom of flying in the high skies and the love and care given by man. It would be no doubt a punishment of sorts to be tied down in a cage but I feel so happy imagining the love and care I would get from each member of the family that would adopt. If I were a bird, the sad part is essays we were created to be more than intelligent from birds and the beasts in the air. You would see so many things as you flew over rooftops and forests.

Aside from the eagles there are also birds who have wings but could not fly like the chickens or the parrots whose flying are limited only.God, please grant me this life, that is, if I am not asking for too much.


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