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Custom dissertation services. Lego batman 2 asylum assignment! Uts assignment

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build with the green lego bricks inside. Switch to Robin and use his Freeze Ray to create a climbable wall on the right-hand side wall with the waterfall. Use

them to get on the higher floor. There are 10 12 to deal with on that side so be ready for a fight that lasts a moment. Exit Theatre Mode, exit Theatre Mode. Look just a little to the right to see the battery come to rest in an elevating cradle. #10 - In this same location move to the platform on the left top corner and use Poison Ivy on the plant on the floor. Now move right, jump Robin into the water and pull the lever on the left. Head into the X-ray room and take down all the minions waiting inside for Batman and Robin. Now you have to link all red mechanisms (picture). Once they are down, switch back to Robin and change him back into his Ice Suit. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Walkthrough Part 11 Asylum port assignments Assignment, Part. (Free Play) Open the Joker Box on the far right side of the area and build with the bricks inside. Now move Batman to the high wall on the left side and scan the left top corner (picture). Near the Acrobat Suit Pad. Blow open the gate with the Power Suit. Head over to the left-hand side. #06 - In ice chamber send penguin to the igloo on the right, detonate him near fractured pane, enter the room and move to the left top corner. Interact with it to raise. Have Batman attune to the surface than look in the upper left. In this way you will lower the stairs on the left. Just waltz on in and grab the Minikit. (Free Play) Use, aquaman or, killer Croc to pull the Orange Handle all the way on the right side of the flooded passage. When you get rid of the smaller enemies the Scarecrow will attack you. Eliminate enemies, get to the green wall and use Batman's suit to scan. #01 - In the pool with fishes you will get to the blocked fan. Cross the bridge and there will be a good 8 goons coming at you. Have Robin make a left after swimming past the first fan to get to the Minikit you can see behind a metal grate. He will throw tanks filled with gas.

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Take the stairs on up to deal with 4 inmates as you ascend. Cyborgs magnet power to pop the lock on the door in the room above the Joker Box. Freeze the water with Robin and move Batman on the other side and activate next machine. Use it to climb higher, exit Theatre Mode Free Play There is a cell to the right of the stairs that lead discovery can an essay be a related text to the boss fight with Scarecrow. At the top, back to Robin and start heading right. Continue jumping on the right until you reach the minikit. S water, extinguish fire with Robin and move forward. With those minions dealt with, use the Power Suit or Penguins minions to blow up the silver gate to the right of the stairs that lead to the boss fight with Scarecrow. Pass through cameras, free Play Use, after a while you will get to the fan. Use this suit to extinguish the flames that are blocking your way forward.

In new location move to the right and eliminate enemies. At the end of the walkway. Pass through it and eliminate another group of enemies. Past the security system and flames. There are 6 immediately around you though. Get bank assignment of debt notice to debtor upstairs and pass through the corridor with lots of enemies. Freeze is trapped, do so to get the battery to drop down and into socket it needs.

When the container shows up fire the hook on the front side (picture).(Free Play) Use, aquamans water spray to clean 5 bits of Joker graffiti.Penguins dynamite-toting minions into the igloo (this may take several tries to line up correctly).


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