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Short essay on poor people. Coach carter essay on change

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an effective transformational leader as he spends time to listen to how the team are feeling and explains his reasons for the consequences. He encourages actions to be

evaluated to solve the issues step by step and that success is a process and not an immediate action. This leadership style is often involved in activities within the community in order to benefit others. But he is willing to risk his job to make a better future for his students. Selflessness and Acceptance of Others, transformation leaders show commitment to what they aim to achieve and admire people for their selflessness. Some leaders may have narcissistic tendencies, thriving on power and manipulation. And unlike many films, theres no perfect sporting ending. A key criticism is that within it transformational leadership has potential for the abuse of power (Hall, Johnson, Wysocki Kepner, 2002). Although his team are now winning, coach carter essay on change Carter stops the team playing until every students grades meets the minimum standards. Coach Carter on the other hand gets to know the team as individuals before focusing upon the success. I will use a few excerpts out of the communication chapter of our text book, Chapter. However, Coach Carter does not approve of this and takes immediate action by getting each member of the team to accept and sign a written contract. Stand up for what you believe. I will point out a few examples of good communication from the film and I will explain why the examples I discuss demonstrate characteristics of effective communication. 'Poor organizational performance can be traced back to dysfunctional leadership ' (Czaja, 1999). Although his team are now winning, Carter stops the team playing until every students grades meet the minimum standard. When Coach Carter took on the role of coaching the team the players had forgotten about their education and focused upon winning. Hes teaching that successful teams win because of team rather than individual performance: youre only only as good as your weakest link, and successful teams work for each other. Coach Cater is effective as he continues to motivate the team to rather than give. However, Coach Carter is an effective leader as he does not pressurise the team to focus on winning however his characteristics motivate the team to want to succeed and feel that they are doing it themselves. He has a vision for the players by making them realise that there is more to basketball than just winning.

Coach carter essay on change, Bulk bill assignment of benefit form

Setting out his expectations, they take responsibility for helping each other improve their academic scores. Being rules oriented and not people oriented Coach White was very task focused and focused upon essay on humayun succeeding regardless of the impact it was having upon the teams education and did not show willingness to discuss with the team any concerns or discuss how they could. As a the forest how assign weapons 1 2 3 4 quick transformation leader he is effective in inspiring them to improve academically in order to continue playing basketball and compete in competitions. Therefore the team were not succeeding in their education. According to Marquis Huston, carter truly believes he can improve his students lives. Set clear expectations, transformational leaders focus upon others as opposed to focuses on themselves Bass Riggio.

So he took immediate action, carter demonstrates many great examples of good communication between coach and athlete. He is effective in achieving this by putting the players before himself. And end with another positive comment. Coach Carter is an effective transformational leader as he changes the players lives for the positive and enables each individual to completed acknowledge the right choices they needed for their own personal goals. Unlike coach Carter was not willing to adopt new changes to the team and go against the resistance therefore creates a poor leadership style in not achieving goals aims. Never the less Carter is an effective leader as although he continued to face opposition from the community he rises above this and continues to strive for what he aimed to achieve. When his team members fail to honour their contracts. Correct the skill that needs attention.

He is helping the individuals to transform their lives in several aspects without acknowledging it at the time.Ability to Overcome Obstacles.Transformational leaders can exert a very powerful influence over followers, who offer them trust and respect.


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