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work is to provide advice to its clients about the financial planning of the client. Taxable benefits, trust income, investment income).a. Information on different products are readily available on

the internet. Personal information Personal details Client 1 Client 2 First name(s) Jessica Surname Bigge Date of birth Marital status Single Health status Smoker status Non-smoker Employment status Permanent Employer name Occupation Marketing manager Annual salary 70,000 Summarise the discussion points that could/need to be raised here. This includes the report of the current financial position of the client, the cash flow statement of the client cultural and the financial projection of the clients financial position. Plus Medicare levy 1077 plus Medicare levy surcharge.a. Appendix 1: Fact finder and risk profile Jessica Bigge Important notice to customers Your planner must act in your best interest and provide appropriate advice when making an investment or insurance recommendation. Resubmission (if required case study assignment questions, section 1, section. Section 1: Important information about you This section contains information about you that we used in preparing our advice, such as: your reasons for dissertations seeking advice what you would like to achieve your personal and financial information. Report made on the financial status of the client: this document helps to analyse the financial position of the client and make recommendations as per the analysis. Assessor feedback: Section 6 Part B Outline the techniques that could be used to ensure that your client understands the advice being provided and to gain their agreement to implement the plan. Income, tax and cash flow Tax calculation Client 1 Client 2 Notes Income from employment Salary 70000 Salary sacrifice nil Salary after salary sacrifice 70 Other income Bank account interest 2366.15 Interest from other investments.a. Refer to the sample SOA for examples of relevant descriptions that should be included here and under each subheading below. Executive summary In this section, you need to provide your client with a concise summary of: their situation their objectives your recommended strategy to achieve the objectives the outcomes your client can expect from adopting the strategy. At the end of the five year period you should show the net benefit of the strategy on the investment amounts. This would help the client to meet her target plan for expenses. You are able to submit your assignment earlier than the deadline if you are confident you have completed all parts and have prepared a quality submission. All of this information you will use in your SOA for Jessica. Hence it is important for us to plan her investment to her planned target. The Generic Knowledge component is only required to be completed once. So, before you take anything as a fact, always search a little and look at what else comes. The car has full comprehensive insurance with an annual premium of 1500. Assessor feedback: Section 2: The fact finder and risk profile There are no questions for this section. Where applicable they will be rebated to you. The projection table should show Jessica that the recommended strategies and accompanying products will achieve the savings goal for her unit purchase in the time required, if not earlier. Financial position after implementation of strategy Note: The items listed in this template are indicative only and must be adapted to your clients personal circumstances.

My farm essay Kaplan rg146 new assignment

A 250 words Goalsneedobjectives Time frame Dollar value Saving for House Long term 85 000 nil 360, it also offers some tax concessions and a force savings for the person for his conflict resolution school assignment future. The information requested in this form will be used strictly for that purpose. The matter needs to be referred to a specialist adviser or it is not one of Jessicas goals or objectives.

You should advise her of this. She can investment in the kaplan rg146 new assignment shares of a banks that seems to rise in the future. Donations, it may prove to be correct. Summary of expected outcomes if you implement our advice For example. Present position Your reasons for seeking advice Outline why the client sought advice. The above statement is a standard inclusion in an SOA. However, hence, questions Analysing the data Answer the following questions in the spaces provided. Car repairs, accountants fees, as she is interest to know about some investment schemes that can provide her with better returns and with a stable risks. To understand the industry the first and foremost need is to understand the working of the company and scope of the company in which the agent works. The agent need to convince the client that he works for a licensee company and all works done by the company are legally approved.

There is a series of questions relating to Section 6 in the assessment workbook that you need to answer.If you are interested in some fresh facts, you arrived to the right place.Does Jessica need a debt management solution?


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