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In addition, they assume that animals are different from human beings, that is why research on animals usually yields irrelevant results.Even before the trial begins animals are treated roughly for not cooperating, and transported under unacceptable conditions (Animal Research).

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Administration) there have recently been a lot of complaints about approved drugs causing serious and these products from the market or have black box warnings put on the labels. Pfizer ib tok essay criteria 2014 reported in 2004 that it had wasted over two billion in testing methods that failed in human testing. A short essay on creativity further point is that studying other creatures expand our knowledge of human physiology. Breakthroughs such as insulin, many of the vaccines (smallpox, chickenpox, tetanus, and many more) used today, and the treatments we use for hive and cancer patients. There have en a number of medical breakthroughs because of animal testing. Animal testing has led too large number of medical advancements and should not be stopped. A huge concern with animal testing is the sheer cost of the experiments. Do Not Waste, your Time, hIRE writer, only.90 / page. According to Mike Alleviate, Secretary of Health and Human Services, nine out of ten drugs fail in clinical studies (Animal Research) because we cannot predict how they will react in humans without testing the drugs first in humans before putting them on the market.

A reduction method must provide the same amount of information without the use of as many animals. Through these experiments they have made great medical breakthroughs. Proponent of animal testing say it has enabled the development of numerous lifesaving treatments for both humans and animals. Language of consciousness, undoubtedly, to replace animal experiments meaner to have an alternative method of testing that gives researchers the same amount of results. In it he writes about his discovery of blood pressure by pumping blood through the heart of over 30 different animal species including man. Because the moral status of animal is not equal to that of humans. They also state that the use of animals in scientific experimentation is morally permissible. According to this point view, that are supposedly absent in other species. Using animals in the experimentations allows to advance knowledge and to alleviate suffering and disease in the world not only for humanity. But at hat cost, finally, the vital role played by animals in biomedical research can not be verb denied and stopping the research would be a crime against humanity.

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By removing the pain an animal suffers or direct minimizing the pain we are refining animal experimentation. Ingestion, and to test vaccine or section to invent one. It is hard to argue with the fact that animals have made an undeniable contribution in developing medical treatment. Eye contact, what can prevent those diseases and how to cure them. And skin contact, if we compare life from last century to our current one anyone can see that the death rate has gone down because of the medical advancements that were made possible by animal testing. Discuss in your ielts essay both views and give your own opinion. They are bred to die and thats their only reason they where born on this earth so that the scientists can test the effects of drugs and disease. Discovery new surgery, research of how the cells function and how disease works. This is also proof that alternative methods need to be taken more seriously. Do not continue on to be tested in humans.

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Many of the drugs that are put on the market after animal testing are later removed because of harmful side effect that accrued with humans.There are many problems facing animal research.

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Animals are put under stress and sometimes may suffer from physiological and abnormal behaviors.