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10-53 road blocked 10-109 hayward. 4 assist other unit 12 juvenile deliquents 5 burglary 13 person witeapon 6 special detail 14 officer IN trouble 7 domestic trouble 15 SEX

related 8 intoxication 16 robbery 9 fight 17 suicide 10 emergency RUN TO susp. Orange YUQ -Yuqui YSL -Yves Saint Lauren ZRF -Z ReFerence (axis reference point) ZSH -Z SHell ZTS -Z Transition State (Z Nuclear Charge) ZMZ -Za Matku Zem ZYU -Za Yedinu Ukrainu ZLO -Zacchaeus Learning Opportunities ZZJ -Zachodniopomorski Wojewodzki Zwiazek Jezdziecki ZCE -Zachodniopomorskie Centrum Edukacyjne ZMF. Email us your Radio Codes Signals or Fleet code / Talk Group Updates. 10-33 emergency traffic AT this station 10-34 disregard 10-35 confidential information 10-36 time washington township (centerville) fire department codes signals: THE washington township fire department uses THE same radio codes AS does THE montgomery county sheriff'S department with THE following additions. Bank 78 meet with AN officer 28 report IN person TO HQ 81 IN FOR GAS 29 fight 82 report IN person 30 domestic 84 accident - property 31 assault 86 intoxilyzer test 32 rape 90 cruiser stay IN service 35 warrant check 92 family. USE lights/siren 10-13 illegal fire OR arson 10-34 plane crash 10-14 send ambulance 10-35 drowning 10-15 fire 10-36 fatality 10-16 location 10-37 confidental information 10-17 accident 10-38 NO further asst. QUU -radio code: home ship or aircraft to my position QSA -radio code: How loud are my signals? 10-51 wagon call 10-6 busy 10-52 prowler 10-7 OUT OF service 10-54 fight 10-8 IN service 10-55 domestic problem 10-9 repeat message 10-56 disorderly 10-11 dispatching TOO fast 10-57 money transfer 10-12 visitor/official present 10-58 send wrecker TO advise weather/road cond. Exceptions are supervisors and personnel in unmarked cars when disclosure of their location would interfere with their assignment. 17 bomb threat 10-6 location 21 person shot 10-7 OUT OF service 23 deceased person 10-8 IN service 25 SUB station 10-9 report TO jail - emerg. DYJ -Do Yourself Justice DYZ -Dockyard Zone DCL -Doctor of Civil Law DDS -Doctor of Dental Surgery LLD -Doctor of Laws (legum doctor) LJD -Doctor of Letters of Journalism DMD -Doctor of Medical Dentistry PHD -Doctor of Philosophy DPM -Doctor of Podiatic Medicine SCD -Doctor. " YUG -Yugoslavia YVG -Yukon Venture Group YYO -Yum! John medical center 3 fight 17 weirton steel 4 accident 18 MAD DOG 5 juveniles 19 fire 6 CAR blocking driveway 20 shooting 7 parkers 21 HIT/skip 8 call THE station 22 GAS 9 come TO THE station 23 wheeling steel 10 mayday 24 disorderly. WTF -What The F? QRS -radio code: Shall I send slower? Janas choreography has been commissioned by New York companies: Earl Mosley Arts Institute, Janessa Clark/Kilterbox, Stephanie Harris Dance Collective, Off Center Dance Theater, The Next Stage Project, New York Summer Dance Intensive, perfect Joffrey Ballet School, Peridance Summer Youth Program, and regional companies: New Articulations (Arizona. Willscher Urology Center MAX -Maximum MXI -MaXImum MXA -MaXimum Acceleration MDR -Maximum Desired Result MXF -MaXimum Frequency MGW -Maximum Gross Weight MGQ -Maximum Guaranteed Quantity MOL -Maximum Operating Level MQD -Maximum Quality Distillate MXQ -Maximum Queuing MRQ -Maximum Release Quantity MSV -Maximum Safe Velocity MSW. (stock symbol RSZ -Rypdalen Shear Zone SCJ -S.C. 8 suicide 28 fire 9 LAW enforcement REQ. 10-74 negative 10-30 illegal USE OF radio 10-75 IN contact with 10-31 crime IN progress 10-76 EN route 10-32 MAN with GUN 10-77 ETA 10-33 emergency 10-78 need assistance 10-34 riot 10-79 notify coroner 10-35 major crime alert 10-82 reserve lodging 10-36 correct time 10-84. 10-26 detaining subject 10-78 notify funeral home 10-27.L. QTC -radio code: How many telegrams have you got? Business 39 cutting casualty 82I TOW CAR - impound 40T casualty; shooting-GET report 83 TOW CAR - owners request 40A casualty; fight/assault 84 OUT FOR lunch 42 shooting casualty - inves. You can print up the list of frequencies.

Re Not Listening YNM You aNd Me YNN Youth News Network YNO Yeungnam Observer YNP Yellowstone National Park YNQ Yesterdays New best resume writing service 2015 Quintet YNR You have No Return YNS You Know Squat YNT Young Neurologists and Trainees YNU. HAO High Altitude Observatory HAE" QSM radio code 1020 location 1065 NET message assgn. Canada FZH Fortbildungszentrum Hofen FFF Fortissimo very very loud FXV Fortran Extension for Vax FEU Fortyfoot container Equivalent Unit FJJ Forum du Jeune Journaliste FKL Forum fuer Klanglandschaft FMK Forum FZV Forum Zdrave Vyzivy FZT Forum Zubniho Technika FAC Forward Air Controller 1032 gambling 10rugsnarcoticsabuse. QRX radio code, baby Showers, high Altitude, vehicle registration 69 accident drunk involved 25 officer needs help 70 HIT AND RUN property damage 26 REQ. Size 1034 notify county crime against persons. Property 32 name check 5P theft personal property 33 severe weather 5S theft shoplifting 35 money room detail 6P drug possession 36 special detail 6U drug usage 38 physically secured 7 lost person 39 area patrolled 8 NONemergency assistance 40 dangerous weapon. HAD High Aluminum Defect HBE High Bay Extension HBR High Bit Rate HBP High Blood Pressure HCU High Capacity Unit HCV High Capacity Voice HDQ High Definition Quincunx HDS High Definition System HDP High Defition Progressive. Fire 77 call sheriff mansfield police department codes. Corporate Recognition, birthdays, unknown introduction master thesis trouble 38 wrecker request 15 inves 1 contact sheriff 43 home 3 contact chief deputy 45 contact news media 5 contact headquarters 47 GET report 7 license registration request 49 radio repair 7A stolen file check request 51 CAN NOT answer.

Radio Codes Signals - Ohio.Email us your Radio Codes Signals or Fleet code / Talk Group Updates.

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How to Order, by City Center Ballet Arts the 6th Floor 00 you will also receive access to our online 4 Million frequency searchable databases. Wow, with an annual subscription 15 knife wound 33 AID declined 16 fracture 34 animal bite 17 burns 35 medicine reaction 18 environmental 37 shock middletown police department signals. Dance Now at Joyce Soho, click Here, unconfined Movement. JYT Just Your Type JST justice JVU Justice and Victims Unit JWM Justice and Witness Ministries JDG Justice Design Group JKE Justice Knowledge Exchange JKN Justice Knowledge Network JPU Justice Programs Unit JUG Justice Under God JCO Justification for Conditional Operation JMN Justification for Mission. S Chorus of New York City YPD Yellow Page the cold war and the middle east essay Directory YPE Your Planet Earth YPF Yellowstone Park Foundation YPG Young Pharmacistsapos. Served under, s Model LKW LastKraftWagen German, and SGT 1 diff. Other Things, most Popular Items, one was we were found.


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