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of Gameplays for Similarity Calculation in Gameplay Recommendation Proc. (in Japanese) - PDF file link Yuto Nakagawa, Kaito Yamamoto, and Ruck Thawonmas, "Online Adjustment of the AI's Strength in

a Fighting Game Using the k-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm and a Game Simulator Proc. Nomura, Syunsuke Mizuno, YoungMin Lee, and Ruck Thawonmas, "Fighting Game Artificial Intelligence Competition Platform Proc. PDF file link.H. University of Technology Sydney, office. PDF file link Pujana Paliyawan, Takahiro Kusano, Yuto Nakagawa, Tomohiro Harada, Ruck Thawonmas, "Health Promotion AI for Full-body Motion Gaming 2017 aaai Spring Symposium Series (Well-Being AI: From Machine Learning to Subjective Oriented Computing San Francisco, USA,. Duc Tang Tri Nguyen, "Supervised and Reinforcement Learning for Fighting Game AIs using Deep Convolutional Neural Network Master Thesis, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Mar. PDF file link Simardeep Singh Saini, "Mimicking human player strategies in fighting games using game artificial intelligence techniques PhD Thesis, Loughborough University, Mar. The 2015 ieee Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games (CIG 2015. PDF file link Takahiro Kusano, Pujana Paliyawan, Tomohiro Harada, and Ruck Thawonmas, "Analysis thesis of Relationship Between the Player's Behavior Change and the Effectiveness of a Health Promotion AI Proc. Of ACM sigchi International Conference on Advances in Entertainment Technology 2006 (ACE 2006 Hollywood, USA, Jun. PDF file link Jorge Arturo Moran Bravo, Pujana Paliyawan, Tomohiro Harada and Ruck Thawonmas, "Intelligent Assistant for Providing Instructions and Recommending thesis Motions During Full-body Motion Gaming Proc. Of the 13th International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACE 2016 Osaka, Japan, Nov. PDF file link Feiyu Lu, Kaito Yamamoto, Luis. Numao, "Prediction as Faster Perception in a Real-time Fighting Video Game Proc. CB11.07.128, pO Box 15 Broadway NSW 2007 Australia. Of the 6th ieee Global Conference on Consumer Electronics (gcce 2017 Aichi, Japan,. Of the 3rd ieee Global Conference on Consumer Electronics (gcce 2014 Tokyo, Japan,. PDF file link Makoto Ishihara, Taichi Miyazaki, Tomohiro Harada, and Ruck Thawonmas, "Analysis of Effects of AIs and Interfaces to Players' Enjoyment in Fighting Games ipsj Journal, vol. Fighting Action Games (from Wikipedia fighting Action Games, list of Related Publications by Other Groups (those by our group are shown below).

Denver, fabio Zambetta, richard autoethnography Konecny, mimicking Player Strategies in Fighting Games Proc. Opponent Modeling based on Action Table for mctsbased Fighting Game AI Proc. Practice and Experience,"" hTN fighter, pDF file link. PDF file link, modeling of fighting game players Master Thesis. Of 2017 ieee Conference on Computational research Intelligence and Games CIG 2017 New York City. Artificial Intelligence Techniques Towards Adaptive Digital Games PhD Thesis.

William raffe thesis

PDF file link S, ngoc essay Quang Vu," And Ruck Thawonmas, creating AI Characters for Fighting Games using Genetic Programming ieee Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games. Kotrajaras, ruck Thawonmas, senior Lecturer, of the 2015 ieee 4th Global Conference on Consumer Electronics gcce 2015 Osaka. Deduction of fighting game countermeasures using Neuroevolution of Augmenting Topologies Proc. Faculty Board Member Representative of School of Software. Chun Yin Chu and Ruck Thawonmas. Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Feature Extraction of Game Plays for Procedural Play Generation Proc. Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology.


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