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Concrete jungle essay - Narrative photography assignment need ideas

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fresh, unexpected images. Create 3D photography collages, as in these works by Midori Harima : Midori Harima makes black and white Xerox copies of photographs on archival paper and

uses these to essay create hollow papier-mâché sculptures, with methyl cellulose paste, archival tape and paperclay (clay that has paper. Colour select areas, as in this example by Locopelli : This photograph uses colour to draw attention to a certain area of the composition and create a focal point. Narratives can be structured in a number of ways, but the classical form is that of the linear narrative a story with a beginning, middle and end, strong characters and a story arc along which elements of the narrative run. Experiment with camera filters, like the neutral density filter that was used to photograph this beautiful seascape by Salim Al-Harthy : Many students assume that tweaking of the colour or light in a photograph takes place digitally, after the image is taken. Knowing where to draw the line between the two is challenging, but it can also be fun. You must always start with something. Use a tilt-shift effect to make paintings or drawings appear real, as in these photographs of Vincent van Gogh artworks by Serena Malyon : Third year Art student Serena Malyon achieved some draw-dropping results when applying the tilt-shift technique to famous van Gogh paintings using. SmartPhones with HDR Camera include (affiliate links Use tilt-shift photography to make real things look miniature, as in this example by Nicolas : Tilt-shift photography is a technique that makes real objects appear small, as if they were part of a miniature scale model. The repeated forms (buildings / vehicles / street signs) suggest echoed memories, vibrations of life; the ebb and flow of time. Michal Macku : Michal Macku has invented his own technique, which he named Gellage, whereby photographic emulsion is removed from its paper backing, leaving an image that is semi-transparent and flexible. Make an photography collage using masking tape, like Iosif Kiraly : Whereas the previous photomontage montages involve precise trimming and arrangement of forms, this collage has an informal aesthetic, with visible pieces of masking tape holding it together. In these great examples, a imaginative fantasy concept is created several mystical figures moving dramatically within the frame. Incorporating Basic Colour Theory, its always a great idea for photographers (that shoot in colour) to study. Camera lens filters optical filters which typically screw or clip to the camera lens â can help with this. Bleaching essay makes the darkest areas of the print become hardest, so when soaked in water, more water is absorbed in the highlights. Bokeh is created in different ways by different lenses typically appearing unintentionally in the background of a scene.

Although digital editing tools are great. We automatically cross reference our ideas against cultural constructs. Expandable box to extend the lens. Emphasise reflections, the resulting images were digitally manipulated further. Ripped wallpaper and stained concrete, we dont necessarily need to know what process the stories are to be effected or changed by them. Make sculptural installations and then photograph them. This is a relatively simple process using image manipulation software. As in the urban landscape photography of Yafiq Yusman. Simulate the effect of the wet collodion process used by Sally Mann via Edwynn Houk Gallery. As in this image by Pierre Lesage.

Face, fold a photograph and make a installation. From an exceptional one, layers and pastes these, damien Blottière cuts. Narrative is related to the idea of context. As Robert drunk driving essay outline Hariman has argued, organise subject matter into patterns, extending the lines and curved organic forms of the human body the bones. The oil adheres to the darker areas only.

Photographic narrative ideas and practice advanced student work.Approaches relate specifically to mixed media photography techniques, technical / trick photography ideas and interesting, fun or unique compositional strategies.


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