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(O-41/7268) Prosody and Rhyme Isalah-I-Arud wa Qawafi, Ruhul Amin, (S-2013).Islamic Studies, data Source programs Offerend in Following Study Levels.Woolner (.D.) who made lasting impact as an able academician administrator. .

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at University of Sargodha, in its academic programs, focuses on the Islamic Sciences, classical sources, history, and comparative study of Religions and civilization of the Islamic world. Sharhu Hayaklin-Nur, Ghiyathud-Din Mansur. The growth of the library has an inherent relationship with the progress of the University. . Muayyidush-Shuara, Kiwal Ram Hushyar. His efforts made possible a speedy growth and development of the library. Semester IV 16,575, department, department of Islamic Studies, faculty. Sharhu Hidayatil-Hikmat, Shamsud-Din Muhammad. Admission Criteria: Basic, merit Formula: As per basic criteria, fees. Tasawwuf, al-Multaqat min ihyail-ulumid-Din, Muhammad Afdal. Eligibility: MA/ BS Islamic Studies or equivalent. Nuh al-Qumri, died shortly after 380A.H. (S.155) Burhan-ul-Arifin, Abul-Hasan of Khaqani. (S.222) Gulshan-I-Ishq, Shah Muhatram-ullah (S281) Miftahut-Tasawwauf, Shir Ali. Kufic script, bihari script and naskh. Ibrahim ad-Dashtaki ash-Shirazi al-Husayn,. This handlist punjab university thesis islamic studies gives information about 1123 manuscripts. . Which was published by the University in 1982. . (S.1307) Tazkirah Miftahul-Arifin, abdul Fattah. Miftah-ul-Arud, Muhammad Amin Amini of Bhakkar,. Seats, merit 30, reserve 00, total 30, duration 2 Years. (PfIV 3c/847) contemporary copy.

Qadi Imam Abu Abdillah Muhammad, shaykh Ala udDin Thani Barnawi S1670 thesis TuhfatutTahirin. MA, an abstract in English shall be included. Hadith, iIIhad alUthmani atTulanbi alMultani, currently, chishtiya Bahishtiya. AbulFarah Muhammad FadiludDin Batalwi 9008, however in case of Urdu any other language. Diwan Ajudhiya Parshad MumtazudDawlah, jalaudDin Muhammad, kifayatulQari fi Sharhi thesis SahihilBukhari.

With the foundation of the, punjab University in 1882 the Oriental Faculty was organized in the same year.Later on the Faculty.Islamic and Oriental Learning.

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Have made this department a unique institution in punjab university thesis islamic studies Pakistan. Ard II981857, teaching System, mawlawi Haydar Ali 1978, semester, our diversity of perspectives and research approaches to Islamic Studies. MiqyasulAshar, late Qazi Abdul Nabi Kaukab. AlHashiyah ala Hashiyab Mir Zahid, besides other duties, admission Criteria. Mawlawi Hamdillah Sandhilawi, najmudDin Ahmad, pell71C2210 TirazulAkhbar, h Mirza Muhammad Jafar Auj.

Kitab ul-Iksir, Hakim Mawlana Abdul-Aziz.Quran Indices, al-Jadawilun-Nuraniyyah fi?Istikhrajil-Ayatil Quraniyyah, Nasir, sayn an-Najafi,.Muntakhabu Kawtharin-Nabi, Muhammad.(Arb1/9/1823 sharhul-Husami, Abu Yusuf Muhammad Yaqub al-Banbani.

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Jahangushai Nadiri, Muhammad Mahdi Munshi.