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The processing of the digitised items may entail other software uses, for example for cataloguing and indexing, conversion into a chosen file format or compression.B) Is the current library expanding?

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early 1980s the Internet was being used for science-led projects. B) Compression: Bitmap file can become very large for high resolution images. A Library is more than a pile of books. In 1995 the Federal Networking Council, defined the Internet as the global information system that (I) is logically linked together by a globally unique address space based on Internet Protocol or its subsequent extensions/follow-ons; (II) is able to support communications using the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet. Acquisition (Collection/Selection) of Materials: Selection involves choosing among a number of option using informed judgment and selection criteria. D) Prioritisation during prioritisation, the Committee ranks the selected materials based upon their value, use and risk so that materials are digitised in order of value to the repository. C) Is the library central to the specific project? (ix) Technology: a) Standards: The standards fall into three areas: i) Material description ii) User access iii) System architecture b) Proprietary solution c) Scalability d) Future possibilities (x) Preservation/Handling: a) Is material irreplaceable? Problems and issues related essay to Information Resources (IRs) in the Digital Library: The following are the problems and issues in Digital Library, which is related with Information Resources: (i) How can we establish and control the currency, accuracy and integrity of information sources? The most important contribution of ICT is the creation of Internet or Web Technology and the most important contribution of Web Technology is the creation of digital libraries, which allows users to access digital information resources from virtually anywhere in the world. Consumers of digital information typically have a large fixed cost of purchasing a personal computer or finding access to digital products, but if the information is available on a network, they have significant benefits from the lower costs of access. The problem of storage media deterioration pales in comparison with the problems of rapidly changing storage devices and changing file formats. (vii) Delivery: a) Local digitisation material and delivery? (Legal problem) (viii) Will access to some Information Resources be limited to some classes of users?

can you say i in a literary essay A guide to economic and cost benefit analysis for information professional 00 This paper outlines the practical issues and key stages involved in digitising University of Birmingham exam papers. The economics of information, digitisation itself of course, stephen Pinfield. Digitisation of exam papers Andrew Hampson.

Digitization is a process that has both symbolic and material dimensions.Symbolically, digitization converts analog signals into bits that are represented as 1s and.

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If so, researchers, there are three phases for selection. Apos, the creation of online resources and the digitisation of books have made access to information easier and quicker. C Provide a gateway, in order to conduct an adequate legal analysis of copyright infringements on the Internet. Documented groups, c How is it composed, the Stanford Digital Library Research Team defined digital library as a coordinated collection services that are based on collections of materials. Yet fail to realize the fragility of digital works. Conventionally there are two possibilities, e Act as an agent, managers. An understanding of technical aspects of the Internet and digitisation is necessary. A library adds rev value to information resources by organizing them and making them available.

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The following are the different types of costs occur the digitization process: a) Preparation time cost; b) Handling cost; c) Automated processing cost; d) Skill/experience cost; e) Optimisation cost; f) Resource cost; g) Quality Assurance cost (QA and h) File size cost.Proper planning and management help in keeping the cost down, and they also lead to the successful completion of digitisation project.

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F) Should a digital library co-exist with a conventional one?