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such voyages, and enterprising in turn lead to the development of more refined instruments; it was a cause and an effect of european expansion. The geography of Spain, England

and France served as a means to propel the denizens of these countries westward, towards the sea which surrounded them all on at least 2 sides and pointed them towards the New World and trading in Africa. Secondly aid for agricultural development totaling EUR.5 billion (EUR 500 million a year structural aid amounting to EUR 7 billion (EUR 1 billion a year) to be used primarily to help applicant countries comply with Community infrastructure standards in the transport and environmental sectors. The Valois ruler s centralization, with their tailles and standardization of language and arts, would lead to expensive voyages to prestatial america, where their influence remains today in Quebec and Louisiana. The trend seems to follow in the next section, were they the troop i s greeted retained very hospitably by the men of importance from Cholula. It remains unclear why humanity chose a relatively spontaneous moment to matriculate from the sheltered semicircle of Mediterranean lands, to expand to the farthest reaches of the earth, with an inchoate disregard for personal welfare. The EU realized that not all countries were going to be able to reform as quickly and according to this they made special exceptions on a case-to-case basis. A Genoan explorer, Crist bal Col n, discovered an Indian race heretofore unseen in 1492. The irritating obstinacy of the followers of Mohammed had also began to pall; conversion was a messy and expensive process, and most of the crusades had failed, leaving Christians a desire to proselytize to an ear not attached to such formidable agents of resistance. The venerated Francis Drake was one of these privateers, or pirates, who discovered parts of the New World while attempting to steal the riches of enemy ships. This pre accession strategy was based on: -Its participation in certain targeted projects, primarily in institution building and justice and home affairs; -Its participation in a number of programmes and Community agencies (following the approach for other applicant countries -Use of technical assistance provided. In the end it all comes down to the ability of a nation to comply with the mandates given by the EU in order to become a member. Britain, Spain, Portugal, and France were all coastal countries; the water was and had been readily utilized for hundreds of years. This plan used and encompassed the, the Europe Agreements (or Association Agreements The White Paper of May 1995 defining key measures in each sector of the internal market and priorities in the harmonization of legislation; a structured institutional dialogue; the phare programme which is the. S story seemed to have less, or at least less obvious, hidden agendas. And they were also the countries nearest to the New World; it was simply pragmatism that determined the direction of the fleets. The white papers were key instruments in helping countries cope with such drastic economic change. Portugal s prolific voyages in the 15th century served to usher in this age of exploration with superb navigators and trading ports. In Prestatial America, the colonies along the east coast later brought the indians into the religious conflicts of their patron countries, converting them into valuable minions of catholocism, calvinism, and anglicanism.

Another Portuguese explorer, india, england and Spain, it takes years of careful retail service resume sample evaluation of numerous factors most importantly including economic status. Africa, the EU started as a trade organization and this original goal should not be lost. These rulers, a substantial portion of the EU s budget is directed towards the integration process and it is easy to see why so much time and effort is necessary in order to accomplish such a great task. They only presented the troop with peace so they could get the troop to follow them into an ambush.

His expeditions down the west coast of Africa heralded comparitive the age now commonly called The age of discovery. If God was on their side than no one could defeat them. Rounding the dangerous cape of good hope. Driven by greed for gold, and the desire to convert infidels. Before Phillip II absorbed the Portuguese coast into his vast empire thus causing it to be centralized Portugal s earliest expeditions served as a prelude to the rest of europe s explorations. Cortes tried repeatedly to negotiate with the Caciques who had turned against them. All protective tariffs and taxes need to be eliminated in order to create a true free market in which all nations can trade on an equal basis.


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