403 words essay on the educational value

Essay on, the educational value

They will not have to bother about books and their knowledge will be more adequate and more lasting. .Bacon, nobody can under-estimate the educational value of travelling. .Today, travelling has become all the more enjoying and comfortable.

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science, arts, etc., they also learn about life itself. A widely travelled person, on the other hand, comes in contact with numerous persons. . Value of Travelling, or, importance of Educational Tours and Trips. So, it should be made an integral part of our curricular. We get only the sketchy picture of which is not complete. Some travel to places that are far and wide to seek knowledge and experience. No area is too far now. Life nowadays is hectic. Travelling is a better teacher than books. . We get only the sketchy picture ofwhich hays terms of assignment of temporary workers is not complete. By travelling we come in connect people of different caste, colour, creed and community to get familiarity with their tradition, culture, customs, has costumes and their style of living. Their writings later inspired many people to travel to these places in hopes of better prospects. He is a self-centered. . But in the history we read Araniko, Buddha travelled different places. This is all due to travelling. Geography appears to be a dull and uninteresting subject if it is taught in the classroom. Alexander the Great travelled throughout the world with his army to raid and to conquer different parts of the world. Seeing importance of travelling a curriculum has enacted to highlight its importance. The seeds of natural integration and international happy in the present day, world the understanding between various nations of the world are a great necessity. In Western advanced societies, education is considered incomplete without travelling. Through travelling, people came to know about new lands and cultures which they wrote about. Some travel for sight- seeing and refreshment, some travel to seek the thrill of adventure and discover and conquer the unknown and the unexplored. Perhaps there are none. Mcm handbags mulberry bags sale michael kors bags sale uk mcm bagpack michael kors uk handbags outlet alviero martini on line toms boxing day mcm purses mcm bag chaussures christian louboutin. Vasco de Gama discovered the sea route to the prosperous land of India. One such traveller was the Italian merchant Marco Polo. Travelling also enhances the personality of an individual. Real wisdom can be attained through the educational tours only. Life cannot be learnt through books alone.

Essay on value of travelling

38, they amassed great wealth both in essay on value of travelling terms of knowledge and material possessions. In the end, imperfect and shortlived, by the means of science and technology we can conserve different cultural heritages. By travelling we come in connectpeople of different caste. Culture, throughout the centuries, it gives practical knowledge and enriches our knowledge with different experiences 90page, through this, europeans were quick to understand the importance essay on value of travelling of travelling.

Travelling has been universally recognized to have great educational.The value of traveling as a part of education.

Patan Durbar Square etc, we travel for various reasons, new places. Students can learn much through these tours. Through travelling, hanuman Dhoka, he comes to realize that the viewpoint of others may also be correct.


It helps to increase tact, firmness, increasing personality development and it helps in lively conversation to adjust oneself in different situation.His outlook become broad; his sympathies widen. .

Essay on, educational, value

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Knowledge obtained through travelling is perfect and permanent.